ESTECH Magnetic Mount Solar Powered Led Aviation Light for Water Towers

American Tank Maintenance now offers the perfect solution for regulatory aviation warning lights for your water tower.

Using high strength rare-earth magnetics, the patented and proven ESTECH Magnetic Aviation Warning Light offers a multitude of advantages for water tower owners.

  • Leave bolting and welding behind and look forward to the ESTECH magnetic system.
  • Eliminates conduit installation
  • 10-12 Year LED bulb life
  • 5-7 Year battery life
  • 150 mph wind resistant
  • Steel tether if winds exceed 150 mph
  • Built in Photocell – Dual multi crystalline solar panels captures sunrise to sunset
  • Eliminates ongoing power bills
  • Automatic night operation 
  • IP68 Milspec water tight
  • High lumen light output
  • FAA compatible
  • Magnetic Estech LLC base (patent #9,252,581)

Now you have a new simple aviation warning light solution for water towers. 

Magnetic Aviation Warning Light for Water Towers Brochure

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Water Towers Brochure (click here)



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